Sustainable Development Awardees

The following are the winners for the 2012 FPI Sustainable Development (SD) Recognition Ceremony during the 2nd Manufacturers and Producers Summit held in Hotel InterContinental Manila, Makati City on November 22, 2012:

  1. Cemex Strategic Philippines, Inc., as the Most Outstanding Corporation in the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);
  2. United Pulp and Paper Company, as the Most Outstanding Corporation in the practice of Management of Waste;
  3. Municipality of Lian, Batangas, as the Most Outstanding Local Government Unit in the practice of Optimum Use of Resources;
  4. Philippine Plastics Industry Association, as the Most Outstanding Industry Association in the practice of Optimum Use and Recycling of Resources;
  5. Tanduay Distillers, Inc., as the Most Outstanding Corporation in the practice of Optimum Use and Recycling of Resources;
  6. Cement Manufacturers Association, as the Most Outstanding Industry Association in the practice of Health and Safety; and
  7. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, as the Most Outstanding Corporation in the practice of Health and Safety.

The Annual FPI Sustainable Development Awards are given to Corporations, Industry Associations and Local Government Units (LGUs) who demonstrated exemplary practices in the following categories, namely: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Management of Waste, Optimum Use and Recycling of Resources and Health and Safety.

This year's Panel of Sustainable Development Judges: Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary, Hon. Ramon C. Paje, as the Overall Chair, President of the Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines, Ms. Grace Sapuay for Social Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection, Mr. Juan Romero O. Nereus Acosta for Management of Waste, the President of the Earthday Network Philippines, Mr. Roberto Guevarra for Optimum Use and Recycling of Resources, and former Department of Health (DOH) Secretary, Mr. Jaime Z. Galvez Tan for Health and Safety.

Cemex Philippines, Inc. ( CEMEX)

Cemex banners the "Build the Nation Together" program which aligns the various CSR activities and key focus areas e.g. infrastructure and development, basic health and sanitation, disaster preparedness and others. Its Community Development Programs ensure the promotion of collaboration and synergy between the company, the local government, NGOs, society groups in the areas, the academe and media.

United Pulp and Paper Company (UPPC)

The company ensures that hazardous wastes are secured in designated areas and treated by an accredited TSD facility. It has its wastewater treatment facility and regularly monitors quality of effluents. It also monitors key parameters from stack emissions and in ambient air. It uses MRF for its solid waste (shredded and sold to cement plants or donated to CHB makers).

Municipality of Lian, Batangas

The Municipality of Lian is able to conserve their environment using all available resources in the community. In addition, it actively promotes the adoption of technology that will provide additional income to the residents of the community.

Philippine Plastics Industry Association (PPIA)

PPIA, in partnership with stakeholders and other institutions, actively participates in the recovery for recycling efforts, related training and seminars as well as formulation of master plan and action plan to develop recycling industry. It also undertakes waste to fuel projects, waste pickup and also enters into technical cooperation with government with respect to recycling e.g. waste plastic to asphalt technologies, among others.

Tanduay Distillery, Inc.

Tanduay's performances in such metrics as water use ratio, energy use ratio, electricity use ratio, fuel use ratio and percent waste recycled are remarkable as they show significant improvement over time.

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation

Shell's safety coverage includes third party haulers. Its inspection of vehicles and certification of drivers go beyond paper checklist compliance. Shell's health practices also extend to the communities where it operates. Healthy cooking demos it conducted, for example, aim at influencing homes to adopt healthy eating habits. Shell's very own health initiative through its computer kiosk self-service monitoring initiative is also unique and admirable.

Cement Manufacturer's Association (CEMAP)

CEMAP's practices and related initiatives show an organized platform and a much wider circle of influence to include third parties. The focus on leading indicators puts heavy emphasis on preventive measures and benchmarking and coordination in this regard go beyond national boundaries and are at a global scale. The involvement of member companies' highest hierarchy in the effort is exemplary. A common standard is prescribed across and improvement in its health and safety performance is regularly monitored and compliance highly encouraged.