The values for which FPI stands for are summed up in the following credo:
  • We believe in a globally competitive Philippine industry as the foundation of a strong and free Philippines, rising to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.
  • We believe in competition to determine prices and the compensation of all economic agents.
  • We believe in the moderation of the excesses of competition in order to achieve the welfare of all and eliminate conflict.
  • We believe in the responsible use of wealth, its investment in productive enterprise, which will generate more income and jobs, reducing poverty.
  • We believe in a government that is a help, not a hindrance, in the creation of wealth, by providing a business friendly policy environment, adequate infrastructure and security, and a responsive bureaucracy.
  • We believe in preserving and enhancing the country‚Äôs patrimony for the enjoyment of future generations.
  • We believe that we can attain all these only in partnership with all other sectors of Philippine society, building a PANGKAT PINOY (TEAM PHILIPPINES).