TAMBULI is a weekly and monthly publication with latest news and activities of Federation of Philippine Industries(FPI).

Through the weekly Tambuli Newsletter, FPI has tirelessly carried out its advocacy work on many issues, e.g., tariffs, power, wages, unfair trade practices, and others and on many fronts such as Congress, the Office of the President, the various Executive Departments, etc. The TAMBULI Newsletter is one vehicle, which the FPI is able to effectively disseminate up-to-date information needed in decision making.

In order to further our aim of industrial growth and global competitiveness, it is necessary to provide information to key decision makers in both the public and private sectors, about the various industries in the country and the issues that affect them. Thus, the FPI Ways and Means Committee launched a compact monthly magazine called the Tambuli Magazine, which does just that. In addition, it also provides news items pertinent to our members and stockholders.